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Download software to remove the Virus. Spyware or Malware automatically from the computer.

Follow Steps To Remove Virus, Spyware & Malware

Download the software from here, install and execute it. After which the main interface of the application is shown as below. From where you can start scanning your system.


Scan your system to detect malicious threats and infections present on it.


You can take the help of ‘Spyware HelpDesk‘ to get technical support on each malware or spyware you encounter.


Use ‘System Guard‘ to block the malicious stuffs to run on your PC.


Take the help of ‘Network Sentry‘ to prevent malware to modify the Internet connection.


While attempting to download or install the automatic Virus Removal Tool on the infected PCs, it might occur the situation that you would not be able to do so. If you are also facing the same, don’t be panic and just follow the below mentioned guidelines to rescue your PC from such unwanted error messages which are stopping you to download or install the utility.

First you would have to relaunch your PC in Safe Mode, but don’t forget to jot down on a piece of paper. It’s all because, if the system is restarted in Safe Mode, then all the opened page in the web browser will get closed automatically.

Windows In safe Mode

For novice PC users who are not well aware of restarting the system in Safe Mode with network, here are some of the steps mentioned below :

  • Restart your system, and keep F8 button be repeatedly pressed.
  • Required option for Safe Mode with Networking would then displayed on the screen.
  • Navigate to the option with navigation keys and press enter, then after keep waiting until the system get loaded.
  • As the system is loaded in the selected Safe Mode, a pop up Window will appear on the screen to continue Working in this mode.
  • Press Yes to continue the browsing.

Click Here to Know more details on how to start the Windows system in Safe Mode from the official site of Microsoft.

You should be aware of the fact that almost all of the viruses changes the system settings in Windows PC by using some individual proxy server which blocks the browsing of certain websites and if the user try to open the page various error messages are generated like page not found, and even more. Here are some of the moves that can lead you fixing this issue so that you can easily download the virus removal utility.

Launch the Internet Explorer and click on Tools menu.

Internet Options

Select Internet Options

Internet Options

Click on the Connection tab in the opened windows of Internet Options.

Internet Options
Navigate to the LAN (Local Area Network) Settings.

Internet Options
Uncheck the Box labeled as Use a proxy server for your LAN, and press OK button.

As the above procedures are followed successfully, the proxy server settings would get disabled. Restart your system again. Now you can easily browse any of the webpages which you are desiring to, without any error prompt. Download the following utilities now to remove the virus effects from your Windows PC.

Download FixNCR Tool: It’s a free application that you can install on your system without any worries. This utility after getting installed on computer, will disable all possible virus which are running currently on your PC by adding some Registry values in Windows Registry Editor. You just need to click on “Yes” on warning mesaage while installation process is going.

Download Speedy PC Pro Tool: This utility after the installation of Windows will restore the registry settings and fix all the performance related issues to enhance the computer speed which were got effected through damages and registry modifications by unintentional installation of viruses.

Download Automatic Virus Removal Tool: Finally, Download and run the program to clean your Windows from unintentional fatal viruses and delete all files which are malicious or causing the issues in your Windows. This will remove almost all viruses and its effects from your PC so that you can enjoy all your system experiences efficiently, but don’t forget to run automatic update of the software so as the protection over your PC will remain stable in future from virus and malware invasions.