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James Scott

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He is one of the most renowned IT professional who has several years of experience in solving different technical issues and security problems. He has worked with almost all major IT firms and now he runs his own service to resolve the technical issues of people round the globe. James Scott lives in California where he has completed his schooling and got his engineering degree from Stanford University California.

James Scott is one of such aspiring individual who has contributed a lot in the field of IT security and major technical issues. He regularly updates his blog and provide valuable information to all computer or network related problems that acts as a problem solving guide for many computer users.

Tony Carney

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Tony Carney is a Senior Technical Engineer of Cisco who focuses on security and virtualization in  data center solutions.  He has more than 10 years of experience in writing and research. He has written several magazines, articles and blogs about several major IT related breaches to make people aware of different problem that they may encounter related to security in day to day life. He has done his graduation from University of New Brunswick & Manitoba and completes the master’s degree from the same university in Information Systems & Security.

In his short but flourishing career, he has developed immense expertise in desktop publishing and database management. Along with that, his 3 years extensive experience and work in the filed of system administration, knowledge and security analysis has fruited for the common computer users and for their betterment.